Coverity Error : failed to access wsdl … Idiotic me with a bump on my head…

This post is about a sickening error I encountered which literally stalled my task for a few days.

Problem : While trying to query the coverity server using cov-manage-im, i got the following error in the stacktrace : –

“Failed to access wsdl”

The solution to the error was even more sickening 😦 !!… Sometimes in IT you realise that just hounding the problem from the same angle is of no use… Take a step back > Have a coffee > Chill out > Listen to some music > Approach your problem from a different angle

Sickening Solution:  Update Coverity Static Analysis to the latest version !!! . It so happened that I had Coverity Static Analysis version 5.1.x on my machine & the coverity server was upgraded to the latest version which needed me to have version 6.5.3.

Conclusion: Sometimes solutions to various problems can be simpler than what we think it is. Have a wholistic way of approaching the problem. Don’t keep hitting it from the same place…Sooner or later you will be the one with the bump on your head… 🙂  haha…



PS: The weekend is here.. Time to partyyyyyyyy 😉


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