JQuery After() And InsertAfter() Example

For example,

<div class="someRandomClass">Yo Yo!</div>
<div class="someRandomClass">Yo Sup!</div>

1. $(‘selector’).after(‘new content’);

.after("<div class='someOtherRandomClass'>Fight Club!</div>");

2. $(‘new content’).insertAfter(‘selector’);

$("<div class='someOtherRandomClass'>Fight Club!</div>")


Both methods above are doing the same task, but with different syntax, the new contents after after() or insertAfter() will become

<div class="someRandomClass">
   Yo Yo!
<div class='someOtherRandomClass'>Fight Club!</div>
<div class="someRandomClass">
   Yo Sup!
<div class='someOtherRandomClass'>Fight Club!</div>

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