Avoiding the “years of experience” trap

The quality of your technical experience matters. It isn’t a simple product of time.​ It is easy to fall into the trap, focusing on some narrow aspect of technology, getting comfortable with what you know. Becoming an in-house expert on a specific vendor’s offering. Collecting a paycheck, and never bothering to sharpen your tools, much lessadd new ones to the toolbox.

You’ve probably heard of the “years of experience fallacy” before. You know, the guy who’s been doing the exact. same. thing. for the last 10 years, and hasn’t advanced much in their knowledge or their career. The tech industry equivalent of a factory worker that spends a lifetime pulling the same lever, until one day they discover they are obsolete and a robot is taking their job.

All experience is not created equal.

The world of web development moves forward at light speed. What’s popular today will be obsolete tomorrow. We all know this — the last few decades of history have made this clear.

Unfortunately, it’s way too easy to get left behind. We’re busy… we’re busy with our jobs, our clients, our family, and our friends. Finding time to keep your skills up to date is hard, and many of the resources out there are dense, boring, and take hours and hours of digging to find what you’re looking for.

And that’s why John and I created Egghead — we wanted to provide easy-to-digest, bite size morsels of knowledge that will keep you current and keep you in high demand. We’ve both experienced this (we were both Adobe Flex/Flash developers… ugh), and had to scramble when a vendor effectively cut the throat of our careers, terminating a platform, sending legions of developers scrambling to discover “what’s next”.

Years of experience can be a glorious thing that uplifts and propels you forward. If you wake up one morning, and discover that your years of experience are obsolete, it is total BS. It hurts.

Joel Hooks
Co-founder, Egghead

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