SVN Checkout Error in Jenkins : E200030 : BUSY

Hey all,

You might come across this error while trying to setup a fresh CI pipeline on Jenkins with SVN as repository :-

Caused by: org.tmatesoft.svn.core.SVNException: svn: E200030: BUSY

SVN E200030 BUSY

Solution :-

Check if the root folder of the job has a .svn folder(which is hidden). Delete this folder & try to checkout once again. This should solve your problem. Basically this .svn folder has some svn keys/credentials stored temporarily. These might come in conflict with some other keys which are already used on the machine for other purposes.

There is also a useful plugin which is available on Jenkins which is used in all of my jobs to solve this issue – The ‘Workspace Cleanup Plugin’. More info available @

Hope this post helps!




Coverity Error : failed to access wsdl … Idiotic me with a bump on my head…

This post is about a sickening error I encountered which literally stalled my task for a few days.

Problem : While trying to query the coverity server using cov-manage-im, i got the following error in the stacktrace : –

“Failed to access wsdl”

The solution to the error was even more sickening 😦 !!… Sometimes in IT you realise that just hounding the problem from the same angle is of no use… Take a step back > Have a coffee > Chill out > Listen to some music > Approach your problem from a different angle

Sickening Solution:  Update Coverity Static Analysis to the latest version !!! . It so happened that I had Coverity Static Analysis version 5.1.x on my machine & the coverity server was upgraded to the latest version which needed me to have version 6.5.3.

Conclusion: Sometimes solutions to various problems can be simpler than what we think it is. Have a wholistic way of approaching the problem. Don’t keep hitting it from the same place…Sooner or later you will be the one with the bump on your head… 🙂  haha…



PS: The weekend is here.. Time to partyyyyyyyy 😉

Jenkins Error : SVN Checkout Error || || java.nio.file.FileSystemException

Beginner Level Users of Jenkins might face a common svn checkout error time and again like this :-


On seeing the console… you find the following error message – “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.”. As far as my understanding goes this error is caused due to the .svn folder(which is hidden) created during checkout. We need to ensure that this folder is deleted before checkout or we need to ensure that the workspace itself is deleted completely before a fresh checkout. I employ the second option.

For this install a Jenkins plugin named ‘Workspace Cleanup Plugin’.

After installing this plugin go to Configure> Build Enivironment > Check ‘Delete workspace before build starts’ option.

Another thing you have to do is to set SVN to ‘Always checkout a fresh copy’ option

Hence the next time your job starts the workspace will be cleaned, and a fresh svn checkout happens. You will never encounter this error again.

All the best!