SVN Checkout Error in Jenkins : E200030 : BUSY

Hey all,

You might come across this error while trying to setup a fresh CI pipeline on Jenkins with SVN as repository :-

Caused by: org.tmatesoft.svn.core.SVNException: svn: E200030: BUSY

SVN E200030 BUSY

Solution :-

Check if the root folder of the job has a .svn folder(which is hidden). Delete this folder & try to checkout once again. This should solve your problem. Basically this .svn folder has some svn keys/credentials stored temporarily. These might come in conflict with some other keys which are already used on the machine for other purposes.

There is also a useful plugin which is available on Jenkins which is used in all of my jobs to solve this issue – The ‘Workspace Cleanup Plugin’. More info available @

Hope this post helps!



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