Jenkins: Error Building Binaries – Windows OS

Hi all,

Recently I came across an issue on Jenkins while building a project on Windows OS.

What was happening was that while running a build script locally in the Windows OS the building of binaries was successful, but while doing the same using Jenkins I was getting error building binaries. It was not able to take the local settings of the machine which includes various configurations of Visual Studio 2008.

Solution: After some debugging, I found out that the root cause was that I was running the Jenkins slave as a windows service. When I stopped the service and ran the .jnlp file on the slave, the build process was successfuly.  Another important point I’m starting to realise about Jenkins slaves on Windows is that it is best to launch the slave via jnlp and not as a service.



Coverity Error : failed to access wsdl … Idiotic me with a bump on my head…

This post is about a sickening error I encountered which literally stalled my task for a few days.

Problem : While trying to query the coverity server using cov-manage-im, i got the following error in the stacktrace : –

“Failed to access wsdl”

The solution to the error was even more sickening 😦 !!… Sometimes in IT you realise that just hounding the problem from the same angle is of no use… Take a step back > Have a coffee > Chill out > Listen to some music > Approach your problem from a different angle

Sickening Solution:  Update Coverity Static Analysis to the latest version !!! . It so happened that I had Coverity Static Analysis version 5.1.x on my machine & the coverity server was upgraded to the latest version which needed me to have version 6.5.3.

Conclusion: Sometimes solutions to various problems can be simpler than what we think it is. Have a wholistic way of approaching the problem. Don’t keep hitting it from the same place…Sooner or later you will be the one with the bump on your head… 🙂  haha…



PS: The weekend is here.. Time to partyyyyyyyy 😉